I was working a lot this year so finally I have my holidays!!!

At first I broke my leg so I had to do a lot of exercises to recover. Then I had had to finish my school so I was studying a lot and for four months I didn’t see sea, kite and sun. Next the PKRA and Polish cup season had begun so I was competing all around the world. After competition in Germany  we had 2 months brake so I was training a lot in Brazil.
On one side I was very happy to do this because I LOVE kitesurfing. However on the other side it is very tiring to flight from place to place, sleep in hammock, airplane or in a tent at the polish seaside. Food, Weather, Clothes are everywhere different than I used to have in Poland. Moreover my mum&dad were thousand km away from me.

So  after we finished competing season I decided to go for holidays…

Before I started to kite I had been a polish competitor in snowboarding… But one day I had to decide snowboard or kitesurfing… So beach, sun and worm weather won!!! I quit snowboarding and because of kite I had to spend winters at the seaside. I really  missed snow… But this year finally I found time to go to the mountains, Yuppi!!!

I went with my family and friends to Samnau in Switserland. Back to the roots, hehe…

I am now there and is awesome!!! A lot of snow, nice snowpark and finally I can relax, read a book or sleep… But this careless time won’t least for long cause I go to SA in January for hardcore training…

See ya soon!!!

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