It has been  awesome 20 days since I arrive here. Every day is a different day, that is why I love this place more and more every day. I never get bored, moreover I don’t have enough time to do all things I want to do… And it is why I didn’t have time to update my website.

I kite and surf every day plus I do extra activities to help my kiting like yoga, jogging and cycling.

But apart from sports I am having great time with maggie and her family. Last sunday for example we went to see awesome concert in kirstenbosh- “zebra and giraffe”. That was such a great event, that I definitely want to repeat it.

This week we will probably go to Langebaan for downwind dash, if there is wind. If not I ll stay and surf in the long beach all weekend long so I won’t be able to move  kiting on monday…heheh!!!

Ok, I don’t write more because I know I am boring…

Enjoy pictures


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