I havent been writing for a while because I am very busy here. But there is nothing new to say…I have been kiting, surfing and studying so as usual. Many people asked me if  I get bored of this … but I can assure you that I am not bored at all. If you once start to kitesurf you ll never stop…the same is with surfing… The only obstacle is that I get tired and I cant move my ass any more… But I am working on it …hihihi

However, last week PKRA announced the competition calendar for 2010. It is really cool, with 11 stops and there are a lot of new places like Thailand, Greece, Netherlands and Australia. So I have to prepare for this year because it ll be a lot of  competing and traveling.

I also have some news from Polish Ford Kite Cup that they want to organize 5 competition around polish coast. Which sounds pretty cool because it’s mean that polish kitesurfing environment is GROWING!!!  And that sponsors are more and more interested in this sport.

So this year it’s going to be very busy for me, but I ll try to update my blog as much as possible, so you can follow my trips, results and everything else.

I ll Stay in Touch

And now to relax your eyes from text you can enjoy my beautiful pictures in tutu



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