As it is Easter today I wish everybody happy egg time with your close friends and family…

And of cours a lot of wind in 2010!!!!!

I am right now in lovely France in Hyeres, preparing for next competition, spending time with my brother and making some footage with our new camera, canon 7d.

Weather is nice here, sometimes is cold, sometimes is warm, sometimes is windy, sometimes is not. But what is the most important I vacuumed my all long wetsuits and try if they still fits me.

Air is around 13-17’C(like sumer in Poland) and water 13’C (like Cape Town).

Wind is mostly strong Mistral wind or there is no wind at all.

To conclude, I want to say that I love this place as I ve been coming here every year when I was young for holidays with my familly. Last time I was here in 2005 after I took my first kite lessons. Since that time this place didn’t change much, except that for me the town feels much smaller than it was before…

and bla bla bla bla bla… I can speak much longer…

Ok, enjoy some offstage pictures and soon I ll update THE FIRST episode of the videoblog which I made here!!!



2 thoughts on “EASTER NEWS!!!

  1. Karolina – awesome footage !
    Its that good, as i dont blame you4 that you ain’t wearing shorts on this ;)
    Cheers from bloody non-windy Poland :)

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