Last weekend I went to France for a super nice event in Le Touquet-Paris Plage.
The Party was actually 4nights party, which means that everybody had a great end of the weekend.
During the day we could hang out on the beach and drink beer with other french riders and super stars like Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon and me.
Moreover everybody could test new slingshot equipment for 2011, which is SO THE BEST!!!
The wind condition were super nice on the last day of the  event, before we did SUP because there was no wind and super nice long perfect wave.
I enjoyed a lot this event and I am looking forward for the next year and 5th edition of SLINGSHOT PARTY



2 thoughts on “SLINGSHOT PARTY

  1. Hey hey! That sure was one good party! Didn`t get to say goodby as we left @ 8 in the morning. Argh harsh deal. Still soooo drunk. Haha. Had a good time babe. Are you going to be anywhere around Holland soon? Maybe catch up and party a bit more? Alright, I`m gonna get back to my work now. Speak soon. X Job

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