It was a tough 10 days week for me.

First day began on the German highway which road didn’t want to end.

Then 9 days of the competition with action almost every day. Here in st.Peter-Ording wind starts blowing in the morning and later in the lunch time it stops. So we finished single elimination on the 5th day of competition and double elimination on 8th.

During singles elimination it was super nice, however to long. Off-side shore light wind with lots of sun. I finished one more time on 3rd place, loosing with Bruna in tight 3-2 decision.  Good for me we still had a lot of time to do a double elimination where I could show that I am better.

In double elimination, one more time I had a lot work to do. First Kristin Boese, after Bruna and on the end Gisela. It was hard, the condition where getting harder and harder, from 11m kite to 7m in the last heat.

I lost the final one more time, but I am happy about my 2nd place.

Last year 3rd, this year 2nd, next year 1st place- This is my goal

PS. Now i am in Fuerteventura, training for next PKRA, which begines on the 2nd of august-next week

Kisss Kisss



  1. congrats for 2nd place…i had the opportunity to shot some nice closeups of u during the heats. nice to see that u had the time to laugh after a fall on the beach. this makes u sympathetic and human. stay as u are.
    all the best 4 the future. i keep an eye on u ;-)
    greetz frank (germany)

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