I’m now in the lovely Spanish island Fuereteventura, training before next PKRA stop. Competition begines on 2nd of August so 3days left to get familiar with strong and gusty wind that blows in the Sotavento beach.

Only few riders arrived here to the south of the island. Many of them stopped in the north where conditions are super nice and wind is not so aggressive!!!

I decided to come here, and get stronger with my little, tiny and sweet 5m Fuel.

Also, since one week is a world cup in freestyle and slalom in windsurfing here, so I can watch them in the free time . What mostly surprises me is that there is no women division in both slalom and freestyle. Maybe in fuerteventura wind is to strong for them…

O, is getting late now and me as an athlete have to go sleep as early as possible to stay fit before competition. So I go to sleep…

Good night and best dreams!!!

See you next week



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