I am super super super happy with this result. The competition wasn’t the easiest one. Wind was tricky and super choppy water. However sun was shining and my mum1 and mum2 were cheering me up on the beach.

During singles eliminations I end up on 3rd place like usual.

Double elimination was more challenging for me because this time Gisela was on 2nd place and Bruna on 1st. Firs I defended my 3rd place with Angela. After I went to semi finals against Gisela. And I WON, I was super happy with it, because it’s been a long time since I beat her. This was one of my best heats so far because I made a new trick blind judge 3 switch. So I won in 5-0 decision. But then I went to the finals with Bruna. I have to say that I tried to started my heat to strong, I crushed at the beginning few times and I lost 3min of my heat. Bruna however, was going full on and she had a great heat. Big congrats to her, she won 5-0 and she won the competition.

For some of us it was a great event with a big party on the end. But there were few people who couldn’t finish the event, due to their injuries. First Ariel from Dominican Republic injured his leg in singles elimination so he couldn’t do double elimination. Then Asia from Poland injured her jaw and she was done for the event. But the worse happened in the last heat of the day, in men finals. The world champion Kevin Langeree dislocated his knee. So they had to take him out of the water on jet ski and probably that was the last competition for him this year. I am super sorry for him and what I know, this can happen to everybody. To conclude I want to say that I am also super happy that nothing happened to me and that I go home in one piece.




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