Last weekend I went to the famous Polish seaside resort- Jurata for the last FKC stop this year. The forecast looked as always… very bad. But luckily we had some wind and we had finished the single elimination.

After this event I became the Kitesurf Polish Champion2010 and the winner of the Ford Kite Cup2010

This year we had 4editions, in Chałupy III, Rewa, Łeba and Jurata. On every event we had very wind so there was a lot going on. This year we had 5devisins women, junior, master, open category and race. When wind was to light to run kite competition, we were doing wake, kiterooming, SUP race and trampoline to fill free time on the beach.

I want to thanks to all sponsors, mainly to Ford who 5th time gave money for FKC tour and promised to sponsor our Polish tour also  in 2011. But I also want to thank to Mirek Stępel who was pushing us in light wind conditions but without him, we would never make competition to the end.

I hope to see all crew next year on the 6th FORD KITE CUP edition!!!

Find more on and FKC facebook page



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