The autumn  comes and is time for everybody to take out all warm clothes from wardrobes like jackets, socks, ugs, sweaters, cups and glows. But not for kitesurfers, for us is the best time to go to the north of Brazil and enjoy one of the best places to kite in the world.

Lagoons, sun, wind and caiphirinas are the most desire here.

Me this time I decided to visit a new place here, called Uruauuuuu!!! This palace is a very italian place, which mean the food and coffe is awesome! Moreover there is a private lagoon for me so nobody can interrupt my secret training, hehehehe!

The truth is that this place really rules. It’s like a Brazil you were always dreaming about. Lots  of place on the water with perfect waves, private lagoon and on the beach the real chilling feeling with a coco gelado on the hammock!

If you are not a kitesurfer, you should become one and enjoy boardshorts and bikini now!!!

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