Finally,  I got it, I got the first place on PKRA this year!!!

The day was very ugly and depressing today, with no sun at all… Wind was picking up very quickly or dropping to zero in the next moment. I hate when the sky is totally covered with clouds because the water is getting black/gray and is scary for me. I had to concentrate on something else than ugly weather so I pumped all my kites 6,7,9, 11 and then I was waiting for my heat.

In the heat between Bruna and Gisela, they were both very strong, doing a lot of difficult tricks. But it was Gisela who won and jumped up to me for a Grand Final of the competition.

Water was gray, wind was light for my 7m kite but we begin. I had pretty good heat with bj, bj3, nis, 313, espass, back to blind and big bj switch… And I won it!!!! AWESOME!!!

Now is time for relax for me but not for long because next PKRA in Australia begins on Sunday the 5th of December.



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