The last few days were pretty nice for me. Relax full power!!!

Rain, wind, no wind, black cloud, rain, wind, no wind, SUN, black cloud, wind, black cloud,  rain, no wind, super hot, black cloud, rain, no wind, black cloud, wind, rain, no wind…There is neither a pattern nor a forecast for the weather here.  Time is passing, I am happy and I am doing nothing at all. My latest activities were training my tong all day long and in the afternoon listening to the music on the repeat mode. After all season of training, competing, training, competing, competing, competing, competing it is nice to have one event in the super cool and chill out place. The only problem when there is no wind is that people are getting crazy here and everybody tries to fill the time. Some people try to surf, girls are shopping but for example Marc is flipping, Flo is playing on the horn, Tom is riding in a shopping trolley, Alex is riding on the micro bicycle, Youri is exploding plastic bottles and Gisela tried to kill me with the red bull cup.

It’s a shame that we don’t have wind on the last event of the year, but today is day 4 and still four days to go so there is a chance. In the freestyle we already have world champions (Andy and Gisela). In wave however, there is a big battle in women and men division for a title.

Yesterday we did few waves heats here and I tried little bit of freestyle on my 13m kite.

And there are some pictures (Toby Bromwich) and the highlights of the day



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