It is so difficult to update my blog with cool stories, pictures and videos right now, because there is so much to say and show.

My life here is like a dream and I enjoy every minute of it. There are some no wind days, but I still can’t find enough time to do everything I want to do. I still didn’t ride on the ostriches and I didn’t  see the elephants… Time is passing very quickly and I don’t want to leave this place.

It’s going to happen very soon because the PKRA kitesurfing world tour announced the 2011 tour and it looks like there will be a lot going on this year. The first stop in Thailand will begin on 14th March, followed by Dakhla, Marocco on 29th March. There are also stops in France, Fuerteventura and st.Peter-Ording as every year three biggest events on tour, with the most money in €!!! There will be around 10 competitions in the PKRA but some are still not confirmed. There is also Polish Ford Kite Cup which will include 4 stops in the most famous Polish seaside resorts (Chałupy, Rewa, Łeba and Jurata)

Can’t wait for the results, new action and who will be nr. 1.

Now there is still a ‘winter break’ for me so I stay calm and try to prepare as good as possible for the another exciting year of PKRA, FKC and other cool stuff I will be doing.

Check the pics and follow my blog during another exciting year!!!



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