The off season is over and we are about to start 2011 PKRA season in two days. The beautiful beach in Thailand, Hua Hin will be the first stop this year. I am already there, and because the wind is not blowing, I am enjoying this beautiful place. I came here with my best friend, Maggie straight from Cape Town where I was training for the last two months.
The last week of my training in SA was super good for the competition in Thailand. With very light wind for my 11m and 9m kite, so I got used to big sizes.
Unfortunately, since I arrived to Hua Hin, the wind never showed up. But I there is so much to do here, I hardly have time to chill out.
So at first Maggie and me, we decided to eat the most grouse food we find on the market. So we tried a fried cricket, a warm, a bee and a frog. The frog was the worse for me because it had a head and a tongue. We still need to try a crapy leg of a chicken, this one is the worse to put in the mouth, so we need more days to do it.
Moreover, we did super cheap shopping, saw the local temples and swam in the sea as many times as possible.

Let’s hope now for some wind and sun
And wish me luck on the competition that begins on Monday

2011, it’s looking good!!!


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