Today we had an event in the warsaw park where is a small pond, which is the closest water basin from my house (200m away). Every year the wakeboard organization make a urban wake competition. This year they went fully on and they had rented a 2.0 cable park, a kicker and a slider plus we had ‘competitor’s t-shirt’ with our name on it. As I was at home this time, I decided to take part in it. I spend all morning training and in the afternoon it was time to take a battle with other 4 girls. There were two runs and during one run I managed to do a board slide on the slider, esbend, raley and almost landed flat5 off the kicker.

I have to say that I got pretty addicted to the wakeboard and will keep training, so hopefully my performance will be greater next time.

See you at Port Rynia‘s cable park


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