That was an awesome event with a LOT of wind and action.

Just before the event the wind increased to 50 knots but as soon as we started the competition it was only 25-30 knots average every day. Not so bad and nice to prepare only 5m and 6m kite =D

The most difficult during the event were unexpected gusts so it was very important to find the one that is not killing you.

My heats were ok. In singles elimination I didn’t do my best but luckily I ended up on 3rd place so one more time in doubles I had to fight to climb up my position.

The final day of the competition was a normal day at fuerte with super strong and super gusty wind. My heat with Asia was a first heat of a day (you can watch it on live.prokitetour.com together with other heats). Then I advanced to Bruna’s heat, and the wind was even more stronger than before, but l won it and went to the final wit Gisela. I started really good but unluckily,  3min before the heat finished my kite crushed and deflated so I had to swim back to the beach. That was it, I ended up on 2nd place.

Happy to be done with the competition but on the other hand, I wish to fight till the end…

Afther the freestyle, we did second discipline which was a supersession big air competition that I won!!!

Now time to go back to Poland where wind forecast is looking super duper awesome STRONG!!!


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