That’s it for the 5th stop of the PKRA world tour. Which was a looooooong and funny event, with a little bit of kite action on the end of the week.

Competition like competition, every time the same. Skippers meeting at 8:30am, first possible start at 9am. Red flag up, down, yellow up, down and green up <<piiiiipp>>, the 1st heat is on. Let’s prepare the equipment…9m, 7m, 11m… Is there anybody who wants to pump my 13m kite? No? Great, I have to do it by my self, buuuu…. It’s starting to rain. Jacket, pink gummy shoes, Uuuups it is sunny again, I forgot my sunglasses. Which wetsuit I should wear now?- the one that is dry. Where are my board shorts? I forgot them, hahahahahahahaha. My heat is in 6 heats, which means in have one more  hour. I am thirsty, there is no more water, great, I ll take a tea…NO!!! Now I need to piiiiiii, I go to the toilet, oh now I need to take out my wetsuit, grrrrrrr, put it back again. I’m back to the beach, who’s heat is now? Is that Youri?? I am always in the heat after him. Ok, is not him, I still have some time. Which kite should I take? Hela:6m, Victor: 11m, ME:?!?!?!?!!?!?! Ok I choose 9m, Let’s check my lines, they are tangled,  awesome, rain is back, the wind might pick up any minute, should I take 7m kite?? NO! I try my kite, it works, let’s begin…

Red flag up 3min, down, yellow up 1min, down, green up <<PIIIIIPPPPP>> My heat begines…

I finished on 2nd place in single and double elimination

If you want to know what exactly happened in Sankt Peter-Ording, I recommend you watching the LIVE stream on, and pictures, videos and LIVE results on I hope you enjoy it.


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