I twisted my ankle in Brazil, just one week before the PKRA event, which is one of my biggest FAILS because I couldn’t compete and I couldn’t fight to the end…

Diagnostics till now are:
One torn ligament, second one is tearing apart and third is crushed, additionally I have a foot fracture and today the doctor found a ‘UFO’ in my ankle. This is a piece of something that is not in it’s correct place, and probably it fell off from something else. Sounds bad…
However, I feel great, no pain at all, I can walk and jump but I was told to use a brace and crutches so I feel handicaped a bit. That is why it is wired, I feel healthy, but according to the X-ray, USND and doctors I’m not…
Tomorrow I do a MRI and then everything will be clear.
What is sure is that I have to recover 2-3 months, no shorter if I want to be back with full POWER!!!
When I was coming back home I thought I’dl die of boredom, but no time for that.
I just had an awesome weekend, with my friends and with my mum who is the only happy person about me being injured because finally I won’t travel for a while….
On Sunday I went to see the wake event in Rynia, ’the Warsaw Wake Acadomy’s end of the season’, boooooooooo, which means The end of summer in Poland…
And of course, I was keeping fingers crossed for my best friends in the PKRA event. Hela and Asia my favorite gurlz representing the Polish slingshot team, did a great job, Asia got 2nd place and Hela got 7th- Well done GURLZZZZZ!!!!
I ll keep you updated

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