Hello everybody,

I haven’t been writing for a long long time, but I am still alive. My ankle is getting fixed and  I am trying to don’t think about kitesurfing, beach, sun and all what was surrounding me all year long.

Now, I’m in the REAL life, in the city where people wake up in the morning, study, work and get stock in traffic jams on the way home, hahahaha!!! Can you belieeeeeeeeeeve it!?  It’s a Big change for me, but I have to say that, I really enjoy being here and doing stuff that I never had time to do. I go to a library, read books, cook, watch TV, read a newspaper and spend awesome time at home.

The weather is getting worse and worse but it doesn’t matter… For me the time is passing super fast, and I already  see myself in January in Cape Town, kiteboarding, surfing and doing what I love…the most.

Big hugs from Poland


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