So here I am… Still in cape Town :)

I have been kiting at the playground all the time and lazy to go somewhere else…

till the new 2012 PKRA calendar showed up, and I had realized that my clock is ticking and it’s getting closer to my first PKRA event in Marocco on the end of March… The end of freeride and fun sessions in tutu… Now it’s time for real TRAINING  in wetsuit and super strong killer wind !!! But with my new slingshot, I am finally ready to hit overcrowded beaches :)

So we decided to go to famous Langebaan, for … fishing ?

… and kiting on a different spot with choppy …

and super gusty wind…

South Africa has this attitude that every beach you go, kite conditions are different … with different strength and wind direction, water temperature from 14’C in Atlantic ocean to 25’C in lagoons, big or small waves, flat, choppy, blue, green or even brown water. You can find everything you need and what mostly suit you…

That is why we all love SA (I will miss you during the looooong competing year)




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