Today I am going to tell you a story how did I pass my holidays… kite free :)

SO I went to Mexico where …
I  was chilling like this dog (at the beach with perfect waves in a background) …

photo. Mikołaj Molenda/Kuba Lubniewski
I visited places where wind never show up… it was perfect after two months in Cape Town, where wind was howling everyday in my ears !!!
photo. Mikołaj Molenda
Puerto Escondido is a small town where  the nature is wild like in the jungle…
photo. Adam Tarasiuk
Local surf spot ‘mexpipe’ where waves are violent but with a perfect ‘barrel’ shape !!!
photo. Mikołaj Molenda/Kuba Lubniewski
Eventually, I was surfing too and
photo. Adam Tarasiuk
and surfing
and fighting with waves…
or being kicked out from them…
Now once again it’s the end, and time to go back to reality… From Monday I have to go back kitesurfing  :D
Bye Bye Mexico, hope to be back SOON!!!
photo. Adam Tarasiuk
More info about the place you can find on and

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS IN MEXICO.

  1. Hey Karolina,

    I don’t know if your dad has ever mentioned me, but i’m your dad’s cousin’s daughter :) My dad, maciej, just linked this blog to me and I must say I LOVE IT – the photos, your style to write and all :)

    Anyway, if we’re ever in the same country (as I tend to travel quite often too.. check my blog! ;) ) we should meet up ! My dad always talks about you, haha :)


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