After I had injured my ankle during training in Basil I had looooong winter at home studying…. But what dosn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. So fit as ever it was time to practice some kiting before 2012 world cup kicks out.
As usual I chose South Africa as my training field. The place has everything I need to prepare mysel for hectic year. From choppy Muizenberg through flat lakes to big wave spots like Witsands, the city offers you all kinds of conditions I will later meet during the PKRA world tour.

Big thank YOU for supporting my kite career goes to

Slingshot / Ford / Burn / Roxy

And My BIG FAMILY who support my kite passion

and other friends who supported me during tough recovery… thank you ALL !!!


One thought on “SOUTH AFRICA 2012 … THE MOVIE ♥

  1. Great video and edit. Your style is great and it is improving every year. I see you riding in boots, is that mean that you’ll do contests in boots as well?

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