This year FordKiteCup  started kite season in Venezuela, on the Coche island which is a kite paradise for freestyle …

It was a great, but busy week of kiting and photo shooting with Łukasz Nazdraczew for up coming 2012 season.

We did lots of kitesurfing pictures,

freestyle …

grab style…

sponsors’ style…

but also my favorites … lifestyle photos :)

some of the scenes were posed and faked to  …  


and make you come

for the FORD KITE CUP this year!!!

As always it’s going to be a lot of fun and action at the polish seaside !!!

19-21 May CHALUPY 3

7-9 June REWA

20-22 July LEBA

17-19 August JURATA

Photos: Lukasz Nazdraczew

see u there



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