Two days after the competition, I finally found a minute to write something and shear my best memories from the event in Dakhla

It is so hard to write something more about the pkra right now… With Toby’s awesome pictures, seventh frame amazing videos and PKRA media press release that are giving all informations about the event on the or facebook page (pictures, heats, tricks and other info about this competition)

I will  shear some of my best memories from the PKRA in Dakhla where i took the 2nd place.

First of all it was great to see you all again, all the riders that I haven’t seen from August, and all PKRA crew that work day and night to make everything work during the event. 

It was amazing to be back to Dakhla, the kite spot is sick and the accommodation for the riders is just at the beach. 

The competition and the new scoring system which played a big role on the first event, with a limit of 12 tricks, 7 scored and family tricks from where only 2 are counted… What can I say… Changes are always good, but we have to get use to the new systems and learn how does it work properly. Me sometimes I was thoughtlessly repeating tricks from the same group family and wasted a lot of energy for the hard ones… Nevertheless, I  showed a great performance and did good tricks so I am super happy :)

Big thanks for my caddy who was the most relaxed person I ever met in my life :)

Now I am back to europe, getting ready for hardcore action on the PKRA in Leucate which begins next weekend. Weather forecast looks promising with 40knots and 10’C air temperatures :)




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