This time I won’t tell where was I , but i ll give some hints, so you can guess by your self.

1. I was at the seaside

2.  (regarding to the ancient mythology)  Helios the god of the sun and beautiful Helena from troy used to live here …

3.It’s an island on the Mediterranean sea, where the most famous products are olives, feta cheese, pitarugia, gyros, moussaka, mythos  and metaxa.

4.The country is passing a bad time lately, but it doesn’t stop us (the kitesurfers) to come here as often as possible and support local economy.


5.The wind is great, water is blue and there is a wave spot and a speed spot in one place, on one beach.

6.Here I did my first raly to blind in 2005, first handle pass in 2006, KGB in 2010, low mobe in 2011 and this year ***

7.And what’s the best, is that a flight from Poland least 2h 40min, which makes it the closest kitespot for me.

Do you still don’t know where was I ?



Photos: found on FB and http://juliannaczapska.blogspot.com/

3 thoughts on “WHERE WAS I ?

  1. Karolina, thank You for lovely pictures from Prassonissi Rhodos Island. Its indeed our closes real spot and I share your enthusiasm about the place.
    Your photo with balerina dress is qiude!!!!!!!!!!! come to visit us in Zoliborz. Lila

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