On the way to Holland, cheesy sunset … another to my lovely collection ♥

It was a pretty cool week in NL with the best crew in the world… As always epic memories from the trip that will stay between us ;)

At first we went to visit the Dutch crew in Workum for the Hooked event, which was pretty cool. The spot was great and wind was blowing, so I could have warmed up before upcoming competition in Scheveningen

Then we headed down to the PKRA event in Hague. It was a nice city, where we could have taken a tram to get the beach. Can you belieeeeeeve it ???

I ended up finishing 3rd … and i was pretty disappointed because, I was looking forward for the event and eventually the wind was hardly blowing with super strong current and with big waves which were perfect for other sports…

I watched the footage from my heats, and I can say that I looked like I was slow motioned, hardly moving up or forward …

In heat with Bruna I did the most stupid maneuver of my life, crashing first trick and struggling to launch my kite between big waves. Eventually I was pushed with on shore wind to the beach and had to do tiny little tricks to fit theme before landing on a sand…

The double elimination never happened so I didn’t have the opportunity to climb up as I always do…

On the award ceremony the host announced my 3rd place  saying … and the last place goes to… Karolina… At least I got a bottle of champagne to celebrate  :)



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