After the PKRA in Scheveningen… we (Me, HELa, Iana and Alex) had packed my baby car with our stuff  so it become a camel car… It is always good to have guys on board, otherwise I would have never handle to put my 2 quivers with 6kites, 2 kiteboards and 2wakeboards, 2 skateboards and 4 wetsuits on the roof of my car :)

We had arrived at 6am to the Berceres in the South of France, which means that we drove all night… But haste makes waste :) and it was AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lot of wind at the event site (for 3m kite) so we could have slept all day and get ready for the party to begin in the afternoon… The slider PARTY ;)

Next day we did a 2.0 sesh, which was so sick… Here 1 step before my face plant on a slider… it was paintful, but me as always with a smile on a face … what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…

and I was waiting in the line to hit sliders again…

Next day, wind had calmed down and we woke up suuuuper early to finally have a kite session.

This time Hela was testing my favorite kite-outfit tutu, REPRESENTING Girls division

And me on a slider with a tutu…

concentrated as never…

Last days we watched wake event with wake SUPER Stars training before wake the line and best kitesurfers getting ready for the tripleS … SO SICK… I got in Love ;) And now I am training as well … For my own competition… HAVE FUN WITH KAROLINA – WAKE/KITE AND SMILE… All year round :)

Thanks for the event It was the most fun and chilled event so far… Hope to come back next year with the best crew in the world.

More you can find on 

Foto: kitaddict 

lililalala lili la

Ka. Ro. Lin. A. A. A.


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