Let’s go for another great session, with full Pink make up on and a new Pink board, in Adicora, Venezuela… Can life get any better?

New Asylum 134 board and Jewel boots this time without little jewels on the sides … but with PINK inside and black leather outside, they look very stylish and totally awesome! Only for girls ;)

Training SUPer hard before the next competition … relaxing is a very important factor in order to perform your best5… try it !!! recommended by me :)

Ok, time to wake up and do some tricks-icks
and get a sun tan at the same time …  kitesurfing is legit.
 going back to the beach each for lunch
and a lake full of Pink lemonade! nomnomnom
Pink lake… Pink thongs … Pink board … it’s my wonderful Pink life …

Karolina Pink owska

Photos by: Alexander James Pink Lewis-Hughes


  1. I’m astounded at how straight forward you make this topic look thanks to your articles, but I must confess I still don’t quite understand it.
    The entire matter just goes over my head because of how
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  2. I want to visit the pink lake; it’s on my bucket list.
    Did you kite in the pink lake?
    Thank you

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