Last weekend I went to the Polish seaside for the Ford Kite Cup in Łeba. Unexpectedly, the wind forecast was super duper for the whole week so I came earlier :) That was amazing because we have really good spots for kiting in Poland. One of my favorite place is called Rewa, were you have a long sandbar so the water is flat as a mirror. Wind was tricky because it was blowing from the clouds … Nevertheless it was sick to ride there.

For the weekend the wind forecast was showing even better wind, perfect for the competition :) I was super stoked going to another place for the event because I knew there will be sick kickers.

The first day of the competition, the wind  was pumping 27 knots, but it was sunny, so everybody had had a really nice time at the beach, kiting, suntanning or having a free peeling.

It was a really looooong day because we did single, double and triple elimination for girls. I was super tired on the end of the day, but I really enjoyed it because not only it was windy and sunny, but also because it was in Poland.

I won the event, and I can say, that  I was very satisfied to finally win something this year. I think it  gave me a positive power for the next events.




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