Hello everybody,

I’m super stoked about the result because I was feeling a bit down after last events where I was loosing once with Bruna and once with  Gisela… and again and again… loosing…

This time I tried to show my best powered skills and even when the wind was blowing 40knots in the single elimination, I was going full on. I had tried to do easier tricks but with a lot of speed, which is pretty fun with a 5m kite.

I’ve been in Fuerteventura 8 times and 6 times I’ve done the pkra there, so I know the local conditions. Actually my first podium on the pkra world tour was in Fuerteventura in 2006 when I got 3rd place :) so I’m really happy this year to have won there again.

I started competing in bindings this year and because the wind was so gusty here I needed two caddies to help me getting ready for my heat. Thanks mum, thanks Oliver, without you I wouldn’t have won this event :)

In the winner final I met Asia Litwin, my Polish mate. It was pretty cool, because  we usually always meet in the losers final… And this time, boom, both of us are on the podium. 

Next days the wind had calmed down a little bit… No wait! haha, It calmed down for an hour or two and then came back with double the force in the afternoon. I had one day off, which was great for helping my other Polish friend Helenka to climb up in the event.

On the final day I arrived before my heat to test  conditions, it was horrible! It was super gusty and windy, perfect for my sweet little 5m kite. This time I was the one waiting for one of the other girls to kick me out from the first place… Luckily the wind dropped in the middle of the day and I could have pumped my 6m kite then my 7m and 9m… This was already a good sign for more action. I was waiting and waiting… first Gisela won with the polish girl Wiktoria, then she lost with Bruna, then Asia lost and I had to fight with Bruna.

Tick-tock tick-tock 3min-1min green flag and we had started. I did couple of good tricks like switch S-bend to blind, s-mobe, blind 313, 313 and back to blind… I was fresh and I knew that even if I lost I would get another chance… But guess what? I didn’t loose! I won I won I won I won! yuppie!!! 

Thanks everyone! For watching, supporting and cheering me  during the event;) Now, it’s time to celebrate !!!





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