It’s really cool to travel around the word for kitesurfing purpose, from beach to beach and live the endless summer dream. But what is more interesting, it’s discovering countries from the inside. This time I got a chance to see Australia.

Australia is a big island,

where sun is shining and everybody surfs… but this everybody knows.

What I found interesting here are all these cute animal like koalas, wombats, wallabies, numbats, echidna, platypus and other marsupials and monotremes that live only in Australia. The best idea, is to go to the zoo, pay 20$ and in 1h you will see them all.

Not only you can admire or touch them, but you can also buy its meat in a supermarket… kangaroo, crocodile, emu and other delicious bites.

Well not everything is cute, amazing and sick… But for sure eatable.

Visiting new kite-spots, I have to admit that there are many, many perfect places for kitesurfing. Believe me or not, but here in W.A around Perth the water is flat as a table. No waves, no reef, no SURFERS!!!

Woodman’s Point is perfect for training freestyle and

making pictures and videos from every possible direction,

because the photographer can stay in the water and not be attacked  by waves.

Another place close to Perth, called Safety Bay, the same story… mirror flat.

The only obstacle that strikes me, is pain in my muscles and red face, after long day at the beach.

Big Thanks to Rick Price, AdrenalineBoardSports for taking pictures all day long. Cheers!



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