Hell Yeah, Second comp in the row I won the PKRA event !!! :) :) :) :) :) !!!This time in China in the place called Haikou

But let me start from the beginning, and the arrival to China. I came earlier as always, to see the new place, check out the kite conditions, and get used to the local food and weather.

Wind was very light at the beginning, so we have decided to explore the Haikou city, which is said to be the ‘Hawaii’ of China. …

Ok, let’s comeback to the competition, because that was the most important purpose of my visit to China. After my victory in Fuerteventura, I went for short holidays to Poland and than 2 months training in Australia, to get ready for this event.

The first days of the competition in Haikou the wind was very light, perfect for my 13m kite. There were some cool kickers next to the shore, and choppy water farther away. We have managed to do the single elimination and the slalom.

During the freestyle, I had my first heat with my Polish friend Helena, than I moved forward to heat with Gisela Pulido, the current world champion. It was the hard one but I have managed to win this one as well, doing some difficult and powered tricks in this conditions.

Than the Final with Bruna Kajiya, it was a bit stressful for me, as always the final is. Also because I had to use my 13m kite, which I had used few times before in Poland, during the Ford Kite Cup ;) Nevertheless, I was the stronger one this time, and I have showed some sick tricks, like blind 313, nis, 313, back to blind and switch es to blind, which took me to the first place !!!


Now, I don’t have time to celebrate, because I am in a hurry to the last stop of the PKRA world tour, this time in New Caledonia which, begins in 2 days… As always wish me luck, as this will be the last one this year !!! Yuppppppppiiiii

And don’t miss the seventh fram’s video from the PKRA, it’s pretty sick !!!




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