Thanks everybody for cheering me up on my fan page, also thanks to all my friends who were helping  me and keeping me a good  company during the competitions. Thank you MUM & DAD for being there for me and believing in me every day, and encouraging me in every tough moment I had during all my kiteboarding career.

It was a long and very hard year for me, but I did it! I achieved my goal, I became the WORLD CHAMPION ! It had taken my breath away, when they announced it. I’m still in a big shock right now, but what’s for sure is that I am the most lucky and the most happy girl in the entire world, and I couldn’t have achieved that without all of your support. Thank you again.

Now I ll enjoy this amazing achievement as loooooong as it’s possible, and try to stay in the top form in the future!

Also Big thanks to my sponsors Ford, Slingshot, Burn and Roxy.

xxx Karolina

Ps. I would like to thank everybody personally, but there are to many of you that supported me during my long way to the top ♥


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