Well, that was a very outrageous assignment for me. As you know I’m a kite girl, and terms like ‘a model’ or ‘a studio-shoot’ are very distance for me. I have some experiences with a kite photography, when you try to shoot in the most tropical location, look natural and catch your board in the most bizarre position.

Me like each other girl, I hate every single picture of me. With a make up, or without I will always find something that it’s not right. But I don’t really care if i look like an alien or a sexy bitch because everyone will judge me differently anyway.

During the malemen photo-shooting I had 2h preparation before It had began… It was a long process of putting a make up, attaching extended hair, 

convincing me about high heels


and eventually cool clothes and accessories.


Shooting lasted only 5h in a studio in front of a fan and with the inseparable shooting team.

The article is written in polish, but here I want to focus on the pictures made by Iza Grzybowska.


It was under the section WOMAN WE LOVE,

Wether you love her or not, she definitely looks hot.

Some people like the photos, the other say that’s not me. I think it was an entertaining experience to change my personality for one day and become somebody else.





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