My Top 10 Christmas Presents

After getting your slingshot equipment, roxy outfit, a car from ford, and burn energy drinks, I think it’s a time to get even more presents!!! 

It’s going to be a long and very precise list, but I can assure that every item that I have chosen it’s worth purchasing. So if you are tired of the Christmas shopping craze, choose the product from my list, and get it online. Be sure that I won’t disappoint you, because these ones are my top 10 items (no sponsors’ pressure behind)

1.A Perfume Donna Caren Be Delicious Green apple.

This one I got when I was in high school, and have never found a replacement. It is a very famous perfume, but I find it  sweet for everyday use and  bewitching during the evening… just Be Delicious.


2.Books ‘the Queen of the south’ and ‘the Persepolis’.

These two books had unexpectedly  surprised me this year, totally.

First one, ‘the Queen of the south’, by Arturo Pérez-Reverte reveals stories of the drug smugglers and its heroine Teresa Mendes, which was a real personality. It’s interesting also because, part of the story line happens in Spain in towns like Tarifa or Palmones, which are one of the best kite destinations in Europe.


Second one, ‘the Persepolis’, by Marjane Satrapi, it’s just amazing. It is an autobiographical graphic novel, that tells the story of a girl called Marijane, who grows up in Iran during the Islamic revolution. The story is amusing because the girl is very rebellious and easygoing but meanwhile, the background of the war is very shocking and harsh. There is also a film adaptation, which is also amazing and worth seeing it. Love it.



3. Adele, music CD, Live At The Royal Albert Hall.

She is the one that I’ve been listening to non-stop last months. She earned 6 Grammy Awards this year, and definitely she deserves them all. This album is from her live concert at The Royal Albert Hall (respect), and her voice is more than phenomenal.


4. Sunscreen Avene SPF 50+ Very High Protection Cream.

This orange sunscreen has been everywhere with me, in Brazil, Australia, Cape Town, Venezuela and had never misled me. I think I’ve tested every other sunscreen that exist. They are all good. I like this one because, its a facial cream, and so it doesn’t feel strange on my face, its not greasy, and it last very long . If you hesitate between the sunscreens, this one is pretty good, plus in winter there are always 50% discounts.


5. A Windmaster2. 

I think this item is the best and most useful item you can bring to the beach. I have one, and every body laughs at me and say ‘can not believe you have one of these’ well, yes I do. And frankly speaking, now I feel like having a power to tell people if the conditions are suitable for riding or not, hihihihih. Get one as well and don’t waste half an hour for picking up the perfect kite size. 6m kite? or maybe 7m kite? no 8m kite.


6.A BioSilk, silk therapy. 

After spending lots of time at the beach your hair look alike a hay? Yes they do, but I tell you that this product makes your hair so soft and manageable, and it smells mmmm… amazing. One drop of the silk after a shower,and your hair will be fluffy and just… perfect.

Biosilk Silk Therapy

7. A Ticket toCApe TOwn.

I think, that a sunny destination during dark, cold winter it’s  the best idea for recharging your batteries. Not only Cape Town is an amazing city to see, but also its windy, sunny, and you can meet many pro kitesurfers getting ready for to 2013 season. I will be there, feel free to come and see how I ride. Hope to see you there !!!


8.Almodovar movies. 

These are my favorites movies. I think is a great present because each of the movies has a very surprising intrigue, perfect for boring winter time. There are no super heros, nor special effects, and that’s why I think they are worth to see. Everyday life become a nightmare for spanish citizens. It is also amazing trip around the spain and spanish culture. My favorite is ‘Tie me up, tie me down’, but also ‘All about my mother’, ‘KiKa’, ‘Volver’ and ‘Dark Habits’ and every other one is worth to seeing. You won’t get bored, because this director has a very creative imagination.


9.A Hello Kitty T-shirt. 

As you know I am a big fan of hello kitty, and I love the enormous collection of its characters. She embodies almost everything, she can be cute, she can surf, or even be a rock star. Everybody will find its favorite hello kitty.

hellokitty rock

10.Canon Eos M.

This camera I got one month ago, and I can tall you that it’s amazing. Not only you can take pictures with it, record full HD videos, use all canon lenses, but also it’s compact, light and perfect for traveling. You can also choose your favorite color. I chose the white one, so I can look  like a hipster :)


Merry Christmas




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