Wow, what an amazing party.


First of all I want to thank everybody who came last night. It was really amazing and surprising for me that so many of you are supporting my career. Hurray !!!


Without people who support and share their happiness with me I wouldn’t have been so strong and encouraged to fight till the last day of the competition.

Thank you million times !!!


Everyone who came brought me so much pleasure, and all the flowers, presents and entertainment that you brought were beyond my expectations.


I couldn’t have expected anything better, then celebrate my achievement with all of you.karolina3

Unlucky I am still struggling with my ugly leg, and  so I couldn’t dance nor whirl around everybody all night long, but as my mum said ‘some times there are bad sides of  Karolina’s amazing life’.


Today it’s a new years eve, and I want to wish everybody all the best and lots of fun in 2013. Hopefully this will be the lucky 13 for you and me !!!


Thank you again for coming, and hope to see you soon, if not then hope to meet you next year in the same place, celebrating the same thing !!!


Check out a little video with my best moments from the pkra this year. Weeeeeeee ! :D

Happy NEW YEAR !!!


Photos: Wojtek Antonów, Kuba Atys and Marek Karbowski


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