HeLLO World!

It’s 2013 YeY !!! ^^

Last year was full of surprises for me, I won the world title, I had an almost naked photo shooting for the malemen mag and I met my second half…  I hope this year will be even more exciting and unexpecting, but only in a positive way.

Ok, let’s begin with something NEW this year… which is ‘Surfing in a City’


At the pictures below you will see how Janek Korycki and I are desperate to find waves, even in my home city of Warsaw. But we have never found them, so there won’t be any surfing pics :)


This is more an artistic vision of a city as suitable for surfing. Boardshorts, bikini, surfboard and other accessories which are necessary at the beach. How do they fit inland?


Janek trying to catch the ‘Jaws’ wave. The wave was massive around  40 foot bro !


Me as a siren, the symbol of warsaw. I was catching only the little waves, 2-3 ft maximum, I’m not that hardcore. With some beautiful local landscape and the national stadium in the background.


Photos: Piotr Bednarski

Location: Somewhere in Warsaw

Riders: Karolina Winkowska and Janek Korycki




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