Do you remember the picture of my damaged leg on Christmas day? Well, I took me 1,5 month to fix it and get back to the water for training.

As every year I decided to comeback to my favorite off-season training destination, Cape Town.


Many times I have emphasized that CT has so many things to offer, that you never get bored, and it is so beautiful that my eyes are happy all the time, even when I can’t kite.


Now I am back on water, back to the everyday routine of doing tricks.


Luckily, here I can practice on different spots everyday, so I never get bored.


Some spots are better, some are worse. But this multiple training hopefully, will pay off during the competition season,  when I will have to show my best tricks during 7min heat in a kite conditions that aren’t supreme.


My first PKRA world tour competition kicks off in Morocco, Dakhla on 19-25 march,  only  3 weeks left to be in my top FORM !!!



Photos: Samuel Tomé, and me ;)


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