The first pkra of the year had finished, and I gained my 4th victory in a row. The event was held in Morocco/Dakhla/Western Sahara/ Desert/ Far away…


After the long off season I didn’t know how the other girls will ride this year. And since my ‘winter’ training wasn’t the ideal one, because of my injury, I was a bit nervous. But I have trained all the evolution that I wanted, my equipment was working perfectly and I was ready to compete.


The single elimination was pretty sick for me, because I have landed many good, powered tricks and I won the final with Gisela.

The Double elimination wasn’t that great for me, because the wind have picked up all of the sudden. It’s pretty bad when you are warming up with your 11m kite, but when your heat is on you are overpowered with a 9m kite. It was also pretty late, around 18:30, the sun was burning my eyes and I couldn’t see where exactly I had to pop nor land. I think these were the reasons of my fatal 3 attempts to land a trick called NIS. It was pretty stressful, because this trick I normally land for 100%.


Luckily, I had another chance, and another heat to win this event (to win an event you have to win the final twice). This time I chose my 7m kite, and that was definitely a good idea. I started the heat fully on with blind 313, 313, esbend bind, front to wrapped and back to blind. All the tricks were solid with clean landings and good kite position. I didn’t show anything spectacular, but good executed tricks payed off with good scores and the victory.


My opponent, Gisela was pretty angry to loose with me, because she has been beating me for last 5 years, and she thought she was better than me. Well she wasn’t. Now is my time to take the 1st place home.


Hope you enjoyed watching the livestream.

Next event will be in the windy Leucate in France 20-25 april.
Wish me luck this year, because all the other girls are very motivated to take  victory away from me :)




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