2nd in the PKRA in LEUCATE

Once again we came with the PKRA to the south of France/Leucate, where the Mondial du Vent was held.

As every rider know, the spot in La Franqui is one of the most difficult places to kite on tour. Strong off-shore wind and cold temperature are obstacles that we have to struggle with during the competition. 644632_545899925453397_725472815_n

However everybody love Leucate, because of the french food, wine, beautiful localization, the buzz and other french specialties that make the competition week pleasurable  :)


This year the wind was severe, and so strong that, after the trials we had to postpone the main event one day later so the wind could have calmed down a little bit. During my heats I was still using a 5m kite and I was struggling to do tricks because it was so windy.


Eventually, I got 2nd place which I am very happy about, because I had shown my best in the conditions like that. In Poland we call it a storm, but here they call it a tramontane wind.


The competition finished after 3 days, which made it one of the best events ever. Another 3 days that were reserved for the event we spent on relaxing, sun tanning, wakeboarding and enjoying amazing vacation in France.


Merci Beaucoup,



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