As always I try to keep you update with my recent achievements, this is going to be a post about the competition that I went to last weekend. It was the 1st event of the FORD KITE CUP this year that, was held in Chałupy 3, which is a very famous spot at Hel peninsula. This is the 8th year of the FKC tour, which make the competition more prestigious and more famous. I love FKC because they want to promote kitesurfing in Poland, they organize the events on the top level, they always bring wind with them and BBQ :)FKC-7

I am so excited when I write this post, because during last 7 editions of the FKC that were held in may in Chałupy 3, we had the worse weather that you can imagine. It was windy but always cold and a lot of rain.


However, this year we had amazing weather with a lot of sun and wind that not only made the competition more enjoyable but also encouraged spectators to come and watch us compete. Thank you mother nature.


Hop Hop Hop


Raley, Flip, Spin and Win


I won, Kasia Lange got 2nd, and Aga Grzymska 3rd place. Congrats GIRLZ !!


Next events this summer ONLY in Poland. Come, compete or watch us in Rewa on 21-22june, Łeba 12-13 july and Jastarnia 15,16,17 August.


Hope to see you there !!!



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