The PKRA in Germany is the biggest kiteboarding event on the planet. With the most riders registered and the most spectators at the beach !



101 riders signed up for the freestyle division with only 24 places in the men main event and 12places in the women. Luckily I was already prequalified so I could have chill out during the 8h elimination.


The event was pretty long, because it was like 10 days, and everybody got really tired of waiting for the wind. We waited and waited for ever… and the wind forecast was predicting only one day of good wind, so I knew this will be the tough one. We started really early to complete the single and double elimination in one day, so from 8am to 8pm, we were running the heats non-stop. 


When eventually my heat in the single elimination began, I was so stoked, because I was waiting for it for so long … Unfortunately in the first heat I met my polish friend Kasia, and I had to eliminate her to go up. Next one it was already Bruna, and that was the toughest heat of a day for me.


First of all I was confused with which kite I should take, because she was competing on a 9m kite, and I on my 7m kite. But it was a perfect decision for me because I had enough power, and I had pretty sick heat. I knew that her trick performance is pretty good and so I tried to do my tricks as perfectly as possible. Especially when the judges count only 5 tricks, the most important is the execution of the trick. 


I won that heat and went to the final with Gisela who was coming from another side of the ladder. This time the wind dropped off and I could have taken my favorite kite size, the 9m fuel, I was so happy about it, because it’s not often when I can use my 9m during the competition.9324072323_99880e4a32_b

So I started again with some good tricks, I had very powerful bj3, 313 and smobe so I won this heat with 3 points, which is a lot compering to my loose in Sicily for 0.12 points.


So now I was the lucky one, because I was at the top of the ladder, waiting for the best rider in the double elimination to come and fight with me. It was a very long day and I was tired after the singles, but I had 6h before my final heat so I easily recovered from that.

When I was waiting for my final heat, there was a heat between Bruna and Gisela. I was watching in from a distance, because I was testing my kites. But at the end of it I saw Bruna making a massive kiteloop, and crushing it really hard. She was the one who won that heat and she was the one that should come to the final with me. Unfortunately, she had injured her leg and couldn’t compete any more … So I became the winner ! 


That wasn’t the best ending of the competition because, the other girl couldn’t compete and that made me a champion. But that’s how the competitions work, you have to be top form all the time and ready for the bad luck.

Now I have a little holidays before the next pkra in FUERTAVENTURA that starts on  the 30 July :)




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