After the 1st of January everyone’s head is full of new year’s resolutions. I don’t want to enumerate all of mine resolutions here because it would be like a never ending list. But one of them it’s to improve my blog, with writing about my lifestyle, travels, training routines and other trivial stuff that I do and learn from traveling around the world :P. If there is anything you want to read on my blog, don’t hesitate writing to me and I will  try to put it in.


So as I just promise, today I am going to write about the Australian slang, that I think everybody should get familiar with before traveling to. It was really strange for me when I arrived to Australia the first time and had realized that the english I know was not sufficient there and that I couldn’t understand some of the local people. For a foreigner like me it’s hard sometimes to understand others accent and here not only the accent but also words were new to me. Of course everybody knows the most popular australian phrase “g’day mate” and know that “oz” or “down under” is simply Australia.


But when I came there last year I didn’t know that I will have to start learning english once again to communicate with others. Most of the word are just shorten, like veggies, bathers, lollies, sunnies and they were the easiest to figure out its meaning. But there are also more complicated ones that you need to know, like “arvo” means afternoon, “oy” is simply hey and my favorite one “spag bog” that turned out to be a spagetti bolognese.mehat3 As you see you can get pretty confused when you get invited for “a barbie this arvo” so below I post few ozzie’s words that I think are important to know before going Down Under. 

australianslangSo come visit my blog more often, because it’s going to be more colorful and more fun that it was before !!!



3 thoughts on “MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

  1. Hey hey! Very cute your translation list on the Aussies slang. Hope we don’t confuse you too much over hear! :)

  2. Hi, interesting observation, but also a couple of corrections for you. The ‘official’ spelling for some of these words is actually as follows:

    Aussie, not Ozzie
    Maccas, not mackers
    Spag Bol, not spag bog. Its short for SPAGhetti BOLognese

    Anyway, glad you’re enjoying it here. It’s the best country in the world :)


  3. hi karolin…welcome to oz please spoiled yourself to this amzing country there a lot of things to see and do and ofcourse as u like your surfing go get em girl…i broke my left leg from kiteboarding so im super jealous of ya…cant wait to get back in the water…keep in touch

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