What an amazing beginning of the year !

Mriver-7-pola copy

This year I decided to go to Western Australia for my off-season training. For past 7 years I’ve been going to Cape Town during this time of the year, and I was very sad that I won’t see South Africa this year. However, since I arrived to oz, I am so thankful to have an opportunity to visit place like this. Blue sky, amazing views, lots of trees and super nice people.

Below  you can see few polaroids from our amazing trip to Margaret River last weekend, it was just amazing. And of course followed by a perfect kite session in Augusta !

Mriver-8-pola copy

Being here is like being in a paradise, where everybody is having fun and follow their passion.

Mriver-12-pola copy

Mriver-11-pola copy

Mriver-13-pola copy

Mriver-15-pola copy

Mriver-14-pola copy

Mriver--28-pola copy

Mriver-28-pola copy

Mriver-1-pola01 copy




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