My another successful competition in El Gouna Egypt, made me realised that having dreams and believing in them is the most important factor for the successful career.


I’ve been competing on the world tour for the past 10 years. For the first 6 years of my professional career I was only dreaming to get good sponsors and to be the best in the world. Since 2012, when I won my first world championship I’ve been  getting better and better, and I’ve been winning more and more events every year. Of course hard work, motivation, positive attitude and self confidence helped me to be on the top, but I also feel that something clicked, something unlocked, something that you can’t learn nor control.


Today I am so thankful to where I am, and can easily say that my dreams came true and that I’ve achieved my goals. Of course now I want to achieve more and get better and better, but knowing that it is possible to fulfil your dreams helps me to to stay motivated !