THE QUEEN OF HEL – behind the scenes

QueenOfHel day2-4

The Queen of HEL was an idea that was born only few months ago. We wanted to create an event, where we invite polish female kiteboarders to spend one week with us. During that week we wanted to share our passion and knowledge that we have been collecting through out the years while traveling, competing and learning freestyle tricks.


The Queen of HEL was hold at the polish seaside, where Kasia Lange run her kiteschool Everyday we organised a freestyle kiteboarding clinic where we explained how to learn new tricks, how to progress or how to conquer your fears. Additionally we organised additional activities like CarverWave skating, wakeboarding, SUP excursion, yoga, nails painting and others.


QueenOfHel D1-15

The girls who joined us could have asked about everything, show us their tricks and get a direct feedback from Hela Brochocka, Kasia Lange and me. 13558608_1161827297214347_6493798042537203936_o

In between classes, we showed the girls how we ride in the real life.


On the last day we organised a mini race, with amazing prices like a Nobile kiteboard, Drika bikinis, Bio IQ cosmetics, Femi Pleasure clothes, S.Z.O.K jewelery, Nail on Waves vouchers and others. We wanted to show the girls how exciting it is to compete and how much they can learn from it. The Queen of Hel crown was given to the fastest girl (Julia Wira), but we also awarded the oldes (50+ Joanna Winkowska) and the youngest (11 year old Marta Włodarczyk) competitors. Additionally Slingshot Kite designed an unique board for one of the girls who participated in our event. This board was drawn randomly, and luckily it went to the girl who need it the most !


We are delighted that so many of you participaded in our event because we wanted to meet you, give you tips and show that women can also rip and have fun in the water. We hope to see all the girls next year for the second edition the Queen of Hel – Women Kiteboarding Festival ! Stay tuned and follow our FB page, where you will find more info about the event and additional TROPICAL event that we will held this October in Brazil !





Photos: Monika Mraczek