My story:

I started kitesurfing because, my whole family is addicted to water sports. Since I was young I had been traveling with them for windsurfing. During the winter I used to do snowboarding and skies. I even won polish championship in bordercross and big air in juniors. After the summer and long kite holidays in 2004 I have decided to try my skills in competition- king of the air. It occurred that I am quite good in this and I finished on the 3rd place!!! Next year I got my first sponsor, ROXY. That year I won polish edition of king of the air and I went to Hawaii for the big final. Later, the same year I went for my first PKRA competition in Brazil. I finished on the 5th place and I had earned my first money prize!!! In 2006 I  have decided to do more PKRA world tour competitions and I stood on the podium two times that year. Also in Poland I had dominated polish competitions. Then in 2007 and 2008 i was 3rd in the PKRA ranking overall and I won one stop in Chile.  I became the Polish kitesurfing champion in 2008. That year FORD became my new sponsor. 2009 season began very bad for me cause I broke my leg in Brazil. Then I had to finished my high school education so I had been studying a lot and not seeing beach, sea and kite. I have been kiting only 3 weeks during winter time. Fortunately I didn’t forget how to kite and i won 3 polish competitions in a row. The beginning of 2010 was pretty good for me because I have been in Cape Town for three months during the winter and I got a new kite sponsor SLINGSHOT!!! I am super happy with this brand, with Fuel kites and Asylum 134 board. Once again 3rd on the PKRA podium. 2011 was one of my best seasons so far, I improved a lot and started wakeboarding :) However, bad luck had happened to me and I injured my ankle which had to be operated… Nevertheless, I got supported by the new sponsor, BURN energy drink. 2012 was a very long year for me with 8 PKRA stops. I had my ups and downs, but on the end of the season, I managed to win 3 events in a row (Fuerteventura, China and New Caledonia) and became the PKRA freestyle World Champion ! I also made a short video-clip from my training in South Africa, which is just amazing (made by my brother Kuba). Check it out here and tell me what you think ;)

In 2014 I won another World Title in Freestyle Kiteboarding

World Tour RESULTS

2006 Tarifa 3,  Fuerteventura 3

2007-3rd overall World Ranking Fuertaventura 3,  chile 1,  Cabarete 3,  Brazil 2,  Italy 3,  Venezuela 3,  Austria 3

2008-3rd overall World Ranking Tarifa 2, Cabarete 2, Germany 3,

2009-3rd overall World Ranking Fuerteventura 3,  Germany 3,  New Caledonia 2

KPWT Brazil 2009 1st place

2010-3rd overall World Ranking Thailand 2, France 3, Cabarete 2, Germany 2, Fuerteventura 2, Argentina 3, New Caledonia 1

2011-3rd overall World Ranking Thailand 2, Morocco 3, France 2, Fuerteventura 2, Germany 2

2012- World Champion  Morocco 2, France 2, Holland 3, Venezuela 3, Germany 3, Fuerteventura 1, China 1, New Caledonia 1

2013 – 2nd Overall World Ranking

2014 – World Champion

7x Polish Ford Kit Cup winner and polish champione in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015


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