My another successful competition in El Gouna Egypt, made me realised that having dreams and believing in them is the most important factor for the successful career.

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Hi Guys,

Below I attach few photos from the Blue Kiteboarding event, that I was competing in January. The spot located in Palawan, one of the most famous Philippine Island.  Continue reading “BLUE KITEBOARDING”


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.49.11 AMLast month was pretty exciting for me as I was enjoying my “free” time in between the competitions. For that reason I went to Sardinia to practice freestyle on the flat water, hit the skyhigh.pl monster rail, got physically stronger, and enjoyed my time :) I live with the wind and go to the places where is windy in the time of the year. Sardinia is known for it’s amazing beaches and flat water spots, that’s why I decided to visit it ! We had some crazy days with 40knots displaying on my wind measure, but we also had days with 0 knots. What is amazing about kiteboarding is that it’s unpredictable and challenging sometimes. For me as a professional athlete it is good to take a break during windless days as it gives me time to think about my progress, mistakes and other issues that I forget while kiteboarding all day long. And when the wind is in its strongest force, I have to dare myself and challenge it!  That’s why going to Sardinia was a perfect destination during that time of the year.  Continue reading “WINDY ALL THE TIME ?”


This year is special for Polish kiteboarding, because we are celebrating the 10th edition of the tour (FORD KITE CUP). I can remember when I did the very first event in 2006, I was a 16 year old little girl who could only dream about travelling around the world to follow her passion. From that time many things have changed, not only I became a professional athlete, but also FKC became one of the most successful and stable events in the world. 
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