10 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi,

    Visiting PKRA website, I have seen that they will be organising in July a Freestyle and Wave kiteboarding event in Essaouira and I hope you will be able to take part to this important competition.

    We have recently taken over a charming guest house in Essaouira medina and it would be a pleasure for us to welcome you, your sponsors or relatives at home.

    At Dar Liouba, the former house of an Imam, you will experience joy and tranquility at its finest. An enchanting house of light and shadow. With 6 rooms and 1 suite you can also visit our website : to get more information and see our facilities.

    Don’t hesitate to get back to me if you need further information,

    Warm wishes,

    Patricia DARGAUD

  2. hi , i’m really fan , i practise surf, and kite. It’s not easy to ask you this question but do you think it will be possible to send me a photo of you with an autograph. I’ve a shop and i try to make a wall with photos and autograph. Best regards.

  3. Hey
    Just saw your video it’s amazing!!!You are far the best kiter I ever watched!!
    Also I fall for the music of your video, what’s its title?
    thanks in advance for your answer.

  4. Mam nadzieję, że someday przyjedziesz do krakowa :) You are amazing!!
    You are the best kitegirl i have ever watched! Pływam na wake’u i na kite’cie.. Masz niesamowity styl ,oby wiatr ci służył
    Pozdrowienia z Krakowa

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