Hello everybody,

Todays video is more like a warm up for me as it’s my first ever selfie – video ! It was really hard to film this episode, as at first I didn’t know where to begin and how to communicate freely in front of the camera. I’ve had multiple technical problems, and still struggling with few things, but I need to start somewhere and as I go I will learn how to do it better and better. Continue reading “THE MOST AMAZING ADVENTURE”



Hello !

The pressure on social media grows, and every now and again we find new apps and new solutions for better communication. My main social media outlets are facebook, instagram and my blog, however as an internet explorer I personally also love youtube. I can find information on everything I want and can learn about new things there. I follow yoga channels, photoshop tutorials, how to fix my computer, listen to music and watch all the other random things you can find on youtube.  Continue reading “WELCOME TO MY VIDEO BLOG”